Building a Thriving Ecosystem for Bradford's Entrepreneurs
Bradford is a town of doers whose abilities and ambitions deserve opportunity and support. Halloran Philanthropies works with local leaders and institutions to provide the key components of a flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem. A proven, multi-pronged approach has boosted economies across the U.S. by putting in place what is needed for entrepreneurs to put their ideas to work locally. A successful ecosystem must combine entrepreneurship education, community engagement, investment opportunity, local institutional support and access to broader networks.
Entrepreneurship in Education - Watson Institute at Pitt-Bradford
Watson Pitt
Watson Pitt
We sponsor Watson Institute (an incubator for social entrepreneurs) in a partnership with the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford to run an Entrepreneurial Basecamp for students interested in learning how to start their own businesses and organizations. Following the first successful Basecamps during the fall 2021 and 2022 semesters, Watson and Pitt are launching a year-round program. Participating students will step off campus to learn from local leaders, entrepreneurs and established businesses in the credit-bearing fellowship program.
Investment Opportunities - The Bright Bradford Fund
Ben Franklin Technology Partners
Halloran Philanthropies partnered with the Bradford Area Alliance and Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP) to launch the Bright Bradford Fund (BBF), committing $1,000,000 to invest in businesses being founded in the Bradford region. BFTP's track record of helping launch successful companies across Pennsylvania offers access to a large network of resources. A portion of the Bright Bradford Fund's capital ($200,000) is allocated for investment in non-tech-related businesses.
Supporting the Next Generation of Engineers at The University of Pittsburgh's Bradford Campus
The Makerspace and Fluids Lab at the Duke Engineering Building
Duke Engineering Building
Halloran Philanthropies has provided a grant to equip the Makerspace and Fluid Dynamics Lab of the newly constructed George B. Duke Engineering and Information Technologies Building at Pitt-Bradford. These state-of-the-art facilities will play a crucial role in the education of next-generation engineers. Enabling prototyping and application of cutting-edge technologies, the facilities teach students how to put ideas into practice.

The Harry R. Halloran Energy Institute
The Harry R. Halloran Energy Institute
Halloran Philanthropies and American Refining Group funded the founding of the HRH Energy Institute in 2008. The institute supports the regional energy industry while stimulating thinking about renewable energy. Recent achievements include the acquisition of funding for a rooftop solar installation at the Duke Engineering Building and interactive equipment demonstrating the system's solar-powered operations.
A Place to Innovate - The Bradford Incubator
Halloran Philanthropies supports the Bradford Area Alliance's formation of an incubator/accelerator in downtown Bradford, a space for education, resources and community-building among Bradford's entrepreneurs.
A Community for Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneurship Week
Business Competition
Halloran Philanthropies supports Entrepreneurship Week, annual events in September including the Harvey Golubock Business Competition. “The Harvey,” which awards prize money to the winning business-startup proposal in the Bradford region, has received dozens of applicants and is a beacon for budding local entrepreneurs with fresh ideas. The event, combined with Watson Institute's Basecamp, provides a time to gather and celebrate great new ideas and opportunities in Bradford.
Community-Centered Grantmaking
Halloran Philanthropies' grants to local institutions supports a community-centered approach to serving Bradford. Its trust-based grantmaking honors organizations' commitment to their communities and deep knowledge of their own operational needs.
2022 Grants for the Bradford Community
The Friendship Table
Friendship Table
The Friendship Table provides more than 100 daily meals for community members in need. It is an inspiring organization with a tremendous impact on so many families. HP contributed funds to an emergency renovation of the Friendship Table's kitchen facilities.
2020-2021 Pandemic Response
Bradford Area School District
MCKean County School
During the lockdowns early in the pandemic, HP supported BASD's initiative to provide meals to students of families in need of immediate relief.
HP supported the YWCA's formation of a standalone fund allowing them to respond to acute emergency situations when members of the community faced dire circumstances due to the pandemic's fallout.
Bradford Family YMCA
When McKean County schools closed during early pandemic lockdowns the Bradford Family YMCA acted quickly to create socially distanced Learning Labs inside its facilities. The initiative allowed parents to drop off their children at a safe, educational environment and continue working.